Bed & Breakfast ’t Poorthuys has been completely renovated in 2013 into a luxurious and charming Bed & Breakfast.is  The B&B is located in a beautiful listed building from around 1530. This former doctor’s house is in the Koepoortstraat in the old historic centre of the city of Middelburg. All sights, numerous restaurants and bars are within walking distance (Middelburg was chosen as one of the three most aimable cities of the Netherlands) and then return to the tranquillity, the luxury and comfort of B&B ’t Poorthuys! This unique place in the heart of Middelburg is the perfect location to visit the city sights and the rest of Walcheren. But also great for a romantic and culinary weekend.

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Koepoort apartments

Tel: +31-118-76 40 46

email: vragen@bnbpoorthuys.eu

Koepoortstraat 10

4331 SL Middelburg

The Netherlands